Experience the MIVM Virtual Tour

The Miami International Voodoo Museum virtual tours

allow visitors to take tours of select exhibits and areas of the museum. Visitors can also access select collections and research past exhibits no longer on display.

Road Maps of Slave Trade
List of Voodoo Spirits
Voodoo Elements
Arts & Crafts Gallery
Photo Gallery
Peristyle Structure
Voodoo Fashion
Voodoo Musical Instruments
Healing and Remedy Rooms

What is Voodoo – By Emmanuel Millien 

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Miami International Voodoo Museum (MIVM) presents a series of Guest Speakers. An interactive and virtual way to experience and understand the culture and traditions of: Haitian Voudou, African Vaudou, Dominican Vudú, Jamaican Obeah, Trinidadian Shango, Cuban Santeria, Puerto-Rican Santeria, Venezuelan Santeria, Brazilian Candomble/Makumba, and Louisiana/USA Voodoo.

Guest Speakers Cultural Experts and Professors
Lecture About African History
Afro Diaspora History and Culture

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